Travel From Lima To Cusco

How to reach Machu Picchu from Lima is one of the great mysteries that have enticed many travelers to this spectacular Andean wonder. The Inca citadel was built by the ancestors of the Machu Picchu people and it took more than 500 years for them to build the legendary site from scratch. There are various means of reaching Machu Picchu such as: road, train, boat, plane and bus. It would certainly be easier to travel from Cusco city to Machu Picchu than from Lima city to Cusco and this route is preferred by many travelers.

How to reach Machu Picchu from Lima is easy: Cusco is about three hours away by car and from there you can take a train to Cusco, which is also about an hour’s drive. From Lima, it’s an hour’s hike to the mountain. Most people choose to walk the trail from Chinchero (also know as Chinchero trail) to Wayna (also called Wayna-Teteng) to reach Machu Picchu. But it’s possible to make the shorter trek from Wayna to Chinchero with a little more effort. This is called the salkantay trek or long trail.

The easiest way to travel from Lima to Cusco is by train. The main stations for train trips to Machu Picchu are: Huancayo, Merco, Merlo, Alajuela and Cusco. Trains reach the towns of Cusco and Huancayo within two hours and can take you all the way to the mountain. However, it’s not the most convenient: traveling by train is expensive and very time consuming.

Another alternative for travel from Lima to Cusco is a one day trip. This option includes lodging in one of the guesthouses in Cusco as well as meals and sightseeing around town. It’s a good idea to arrange your activities to fit in a full day. There are lots of day trips available to Machu Picchu but the easiest is a round trip, taking just one day.

A very popular way to travel from Lima to Cusco and on to the Inca citadel, Isabella Island, is via a treasured little boat known as the Isabella. This tiny ship carries only twenty passengers but is the perfect romantic getaway. It takes four and a half hours to make the thirty-minute trip across the Andes Mountains to Cusco and you arrive at your ideal destination, where you can stay overnight in a comfortable room. This is also a fantastic way to see the sights of Cusco and Machu Picchu and you will be able to return to Lima in time for lunch.

The most popular way to travel from Lima to Cusco and on to the incredible and breathtaking Andes Mountains is by a guided trail. This means you will be hiking in the beautiful Andes Mountains in pairs or groups guided by experts who are familiar with the trek routes and trails. This is a much more romantic and intimate way to travel than just a single day trip on a plane. You will be walking in the footsteps of ancient Inca and you will get wonderful views of the volcanic mountains.

The Andes Trail is also an excellent way to travel from Lima to Cusco and on to the incredible Andes Mountains. However, it is easier to take a train from Lima to Cusco than it is to hike the Inca Trail. The reason is that it is easier to travel by a train than it is to hike the Inca Trail. A train leaves from the international airport of Cusco and it takes about two days to reach Cusco after a one-day trek through the pass. It is a good idea to make a trip to Machu Picchu before you leave Cusco for this part of the Inca Trail and to hike to the trail head in the afternoon after having a lunch and a soak in the river. This will help you avoid accruing unwanted traveler’s diarrhea when you reach Machu Picchu in the evening.

Another option is to travel by bus from Lima to Cusco, which is a great way to explore Cusco without having to acclimate yourself to the altitude. However, you may not want to take a bus if you are unsure of how to read and speak Spanish and are afraid of being embarrassed by others reading and speaking to you in Spanish. One of the easiest ways to travel from Lima to Cusco for the first time is to take an old bus service to Cusco that leaves from the Ollantaytambo bus station on the south side of the city. One reason for this is that you get to see the city in a very authentic manner and also you get to see some of the historic sites and monuments that are a must see in Cusco. You can also choose to travel by train from Lima to Cusco; in fact, this is a much better option for people who know Spanish. The train service takes about an hour and you reach Cusco in the same way as if you had traveled by road: by getting off the bus at the corner of Avenida Calle Arboleda and walking down the hill towards La Conch Mountain.