Peruvian Tourism Offers Excitement For All Types of Explorers

If you are wondering about the location of Peru’s main attractions then you will definitely want to read this article. Specifically, I will talk about popular tourist destinations and tips for what to do in Peru. The Andes mountain range, the Inca civilization, the Inca trail and the colourful Machu Picchu are all popular locations for tourists to visit in Peru. Peruvian travel has become increasingly popular over the past few years and these places are certainly worth a look when planning your next trip to Peru.

Why Travel to Peru: The Andes Mountains provides plenty of opportunities for adventure and why not, they are spectacular. You have an amazing view across the Andes from your helicopter and also have the option of spending a day or two at the Sun Gate, an ancient site with lots of different hotels and lodges. Also, get your travel permit and head to Machu Picchu on the Way to the Sacred Valley and all the other beautiful things to do and watch in Peru. Go to the plaza de Armas at the heart of town and visit this old place filled with culture and history! Other popular places to see and activities include hiking, trekking, hot air ballooning, scuba diving, boat riding and river rafting.

Why Travel to Peru: Sand boarding is a hugely popular activity in Peru and there are many reasons to take advantage of this. The diverse climate means that it is always warm and dry or damp in highland areas to the treks and hikes in the highlands can get very cold depending on the season. Another reason why you should consider why travel to Peru is sand boarding. As well as plenty of fun, it is also environmentally friendly and good for the body.

Why Travel to Peru: One of the many reasons for visiting Peru is the Inca Trail which goes all around the country, but you should take your time to go over some of the more remote areas first. For example, the southern region of Cusco has a small village called Arequipa where you can hike the Inca Trail for free. The Inca Trail covers the heart of Cusco and includes the stunning town of Cusco and all its magnificent ruins, including the majestic Sacred Valley. This is where the Inca built their civilization and laid out their impressive stone temples. You can walk from city to city on the Inca Trail and experience the wonderful scenery, the history and the adventure of South America’s second largest city.

Why Travel to Peru: Another one of the many reasons for why travel to Peru is sand boarding. You can board from the town of Pisac was and stay at one of the many pre-Colombian hotels that have local air service. When you are done with the sand boarding, you can head back to your hotel and enjoy dinner, music, dance, theater or even swimming in the ocean. Pisac is also home to the last underground river in South America, the Carambola.

Why Travel to Peru: One of the reasons why people choose to visit Peru is the ancient culture that is still practised there today. As you travel through the many ruins of Cusco and the Sacred Valley, you will be able to see Inca columns and other evidence of the ancient people who once lived there. The Inca Empire reached its height of power about A.D. 200, and many of the Incan ruins can be visited today just by traveling to Peru and surrounding areas.

Why Travel to Peru: Machu Picchu is the number one tourist attraction in Peru and is certainly one of the most well known attractions in all of South America. The history surrounding this famous landmark makes it all the more fascinating. While on your visit, you can also visit the Mayan ruins of Tambomachay and the amazing caves of Chauay. The Inca citadel of Ainca is also a must see, as are other impressive ancient ruins. Other interesting sites include the Pitons, a large rock formation in the center of the Andean mountain range. These unique formations are the result of tectonic shifts and offer visitors an insight into the past of Peru’s Andes Mountains.

Why Travel to Peru: One of the reasons for visiting Peru that is often overlooked is the amazing variety of jungle scenery that can be found there. There are many places in Peru that feature the astounding scenery like the lush rainforests of the western part of the country, to the lowlands of the Amazon where the Inca constructed their magnificent works of art. You can even find lush jungle in the eastern part of the country in places like Arequipa and the town of Antigua. No matter which region of the country you choose to visit, no matter what time of the year you plan to visit, there is something that will set your spirit soaring and make you realize that you have come to the exciting land like no other.