Peruvian Holidays – A Journey Through History and Culture

Peru is an extremely beautiful country in South America, which is home to an incredible section of Amazon forest and ancient Incan citadel, the mighty Machu Picchu. The interior region around Machu Picchu, including the Sacred Valley, Inca Trail, the historic town of Cusco and urban center of Lima, is densely rich in archeological sites. On the eastern part of the country there are numerous spectacular landscapes, jungle trails and deserts. On the western side of the country, the Andean mountain ranges, including the Antelope Island and the Tambomachay peninsular provide ideal holiday destinations.

One of the most popular touristic cities in Peru, Lima is home to spectacular landmarks, museums and galleries which attract visitors from all over the world. It has some of the finest shopping malls, and large shopping complexes. In addition, it is a major hub for international air and sea traffic. For your Peru holiday dates, you will find that the main commercial centres are in Cusco; although there are many shopping centres in other parts of the country. The major destinations include Lima, Huancayo, Ollantaytambo, Pisac, Arequipa, Marruchil, Carancasa, and the spectacular Puno Town.

The central region of Peru is home to several important pre-Incan religious centres such as the Sacred Valley, where you can visit the impressive stone sculptures carved by local artists. In the southern highlands, there are exciting celebrations and festivals such as the Latex Festival and the Inyan festival. Other popular events include snake charming and animal sacrifices during festivities for the dead.

In order to witness the true colours of Peru, it is important to visit its ancient towns such as Ollantaytambo, Popayan and the ancient capital of Quenqo. The spectacular town of Quenqo has an interesting history with its role in the Pre-Incan culture. Quenqo holds an important spot in the history of Peru as it is the place where the Inca started their rise to power. Another fascinating festival is the Chaweng festival, which takes place in May when families from all over Peru gather to admire and appreciate the beautiful colours of the garment. Other annual events include Peru’s national holidays every year. To add more excitement to your Peru holidays, book some of the incredible tours which provide great value for money.

Many people are now looking forward to taking their Peru tours around the beautiful Mayan Riviera. Travelling to this area of Peru is ideal for enjoying some of the most amazing and stunning sights that the Mayan people have to offer. In addition to travelling, many tourists prefer to participate in one of the many fun filled activities that take place around the region. One of these activities includes a fantastic range of festive Peru Mayan holidays, which can be enjoyed by families and groups of friends.

One of the most popular activities in Peru for tourists in general and families in particular is a trip to Cusco, which is regarded as the crown jewel of South America. With its stunning scenery, diverse climate and friendly locales, Cusco offers a huge variety of activities for every visitor. For adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers there are plenty of exciting treks around the Sacred Valley; you can also try your hand at various water activities like kayaking or rafting, if you like. If outdoor activities are more your preference then there is plenty of opportunity to explore the vast wilderness of the interior using one of the exciting backpacking trips available in Peru. Whatever you prefer to do on your Peru holidays, there is a suitable activity to enjoy no matter what your interest is.

The other main attraction in Peru throughout the year is the incredible Andes range, which has a vast selection of lodges and guesthouses. During the day you can explore the vast ranges of lush mountain terrain whilst at night you can sample some of the local food and wine before having a night stroll down to Machu Picchu with your family. At the end of your Peru holidays you will return to the beautiful town of Cusco, where you can take time out to sample one of the many fine wines that are produced in the region before catching sight of the beautiful scenery once more. Many visitors to Peru actually choose to stay in one of the stunning Andes hotels as they know that it will be a good chance to explore the local culture during their time away.

Another highlight of any Peru June holidays is the city of Cusco, which is easily the highlight of the month. Known as the “town of gods”, it is the cultural center of the Inca Empire. During your June trip you can take in the beautiful processions which take place every night, the Mayan amphitheatre and the beautiful Plaza de Armas. As, well as this there are numerous sights to see including the world-famous museums such as the Peruvian Museum and the Congress Centre. After a busy day you can relax in one of the many fine restaurants or engage in street shopping before enjoying a picnic or dinner in one of the local parks.