Peru Independent Travel Guide

Planning your Peru independent travel? Well, there is lots that you should consider and do before leaving. You can have a unique and once in a lifetime experience if you know what you are doing. There are numerous tours companies and travel agencies that offer Peru tours; however, not all of them can deliver what you want.

In your planning stage, you must first consider the kind of Peru tours that you really need and want to experience. You may opt for a luxury tour like the ones in Cusco or you may opt for more practical and budget-friendly tours such as the ones in Los Cabos, Peru. Some of these tours offer more of the adventure and thrill of hiking while others focus on the more cultural aspects of Peru. If you are an adventure-seeker, you may also want to consider experiencing the “lost continent” of Peru, the jungle treks in Peru, and the more remote camping experiences that are offered in the highlands.

The main character of a trip to Peru is the country itself, which is a living breathing thing that can give its tourists a once in a lifetime experience. Each region of Peru has its own culture and has its own history, thus, making your Peru tour much more entertaining and exciting. One of the highlights of any Peru tour is the city of Cusco. Tour operators or travel agencies usually offer a good range of options and packages based on what you would like to see and do in Cusco, from the ancient ruins and sights of old Cusco to the modern, hustling and bustling city of the natives. Your choice of hotels in Cusco ranges from luxury resorts and lodges, to hostels and dorms, to luxury bed and breakfast accommodations.

Some of the most popular destinations that are included in a Cusco tour are the cities of Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu, and Pisac’s Peak. These three destinations are absolutely unforgettable and will leave you craving for more once you have reached them. There are numerous tours packages offered in the Cusco region, and it is up to you to choose one that offers the best experience based on what you want to see and do. Some of the more popular packages include:

A few hours away from Cusco is the town of Pisac. Pisac is home to some of the finest wine producers in South America, and the beautiful beach resorts at the south end of town are a drawcard to many visitors. There are a number of lodges and hotels that are available in Pisac ranging from guest houses to extremely luxurious and intimate locations that are only found in Cusco. In Pisac you can also experience the rich history of this important historically and culturally important region of Peru.

One of the most popular tours offered in Cusco is a four day trip to the beautiful town of Chinchero. Chinchero is home to some of the best sand beaches in the world, and a number of tourists come here every year to relax and soak up the sun. One of the most popular places to visit is the town of Chinchero Beach. Chinchero is also home to a number of fantastic restaurants and hotels, and a number of people come here on vacation simply to lie on the beaches and enjoy the weather. The town of Chinchero de Peru has some great attractions, including the town of la Pleta de Los Micas (The place where the river enters the Chinchero drainage), and de la Playa de Lasalle (The place where the famous “desi martins” swim in the sea).

Last but not least on our list of places to visit when taking a Peru Independent Travel Tour is the beautiful town of Cusco. Cusco is home to many famous sights and attractions, including the beautiful colonial church known as the Sacristan in Las Horchas. This church was built using the style of building, and has features such as frescoes, large statues of saints and even a statue of the Virgin Mary. If you are interested in historical architecture, then you should definitely spend time walking around the Roman Catholic Church of Santa Cruz de Antigua.

Other popular attractions include the Chinchero Museum, where you can see some fine examples of art, stone and ceramics, and wood works. You can also visit other amazing sites such as the Copper Mines of the Pacific Coast at La Frontun, the ruins of the 16th century town of Laporta and the huge underground river known as the Merco. Another popular spot to see is the town of Chinchero de Teno, which has a white sand beach perfect for families to enjoy the sun and sand together. Other popular sites include the Wayllabamba Stadium and the flooded forest known as the Ensenada. There are also several sightseeing tours that will take you to places such as the Garifuna Islands, theUU village of Quenqauco, and the Inca civilization.